daisuke tajima

Japanese artist DAISUKE TAJIMA [1993] graduated from Aichi University of the Arts  where his senior thesis installation, comprising of a large-scale painting and replica battleships, won him top place at the school. Building on this success, Tajima created a new cityscape titled gokinchotaikoku II which can be seen as the foundation of the work he creates today. Although born in rural southern japan, the artists has traveled extensively across Asia, exploring sprawling urban centres such as Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Beijing, never tired of walking through the cities with open eyes and an open mind, and always catching up different images and inspirations to include in his extraordinary artworks.

Derived from not only his memory but also his own imagination, he knows it well to encapsulate that certain loneliness and the feeling of getting lost in the breathless hectic of today’s world that one might only feel while wandering through urban areas. Throughout his artwork, he wants the viewer to start reflecting, reflecting about oneself but also about the environment we live in. Tajima’s drawings can, therefore, be seen as a patchwork of memories and imaginative thoughts.